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Advisory Services

An outcome focussed approach that delivers improved agility for your business

With a proven track record of successful project delivery, we know how to deliver high quality benefits quickly, cost effectively with reduced risk. When it comes to scoping and delivering your project, we draw upon our diverse experience base and work collaboratively with you to understand the situation, identify risks / issues, assess opportunities and determine the best way forward. Ultimately, Agiledirect saves you time and money by simplifying the complicated and focuses on doing the things that matter in order to deliver the best outcome.

Capability Brokerage

Providing you with the right talent when you need it

Agiledirect's brokerage service provides you access to talent pools that are typically inaccessible. The brokerage platform gives you visibility into the external marketplace so that you can search and sort the capability you require, before you require it. We take care of compliance too so that you can procure the talent you want, without the overheads and challenges that comes with managing a permanent employee or long term contractor.

Training & Development

Engage and enable your people with agile principles and practices

Agiledirect upskills people in the Agile principles / practices so they can adapt and perform in the modern business environment. Whether it's a half day workshop or 1 year transformation project, we know how to engage people in a meaningful way to develop their Agile competency. We also appreciate that one size does not fit all which is why we offer a range of programs and delivery options that can be tailored to suit. By using a combination of face to face training, on-the-job development and structured / unstructured coaching, our programs produce a change-resilient employee with the leadership and technical skills required to better understand and respond to customer needs and align to achieving your business objectives.


"As a long-serving, career public servant with over 43 years in public administration in Queensland, I have seen a lot of things come and go but had not been exposed to the ‘Agile way’. However, the successful results and achievement of the project outcomes is evidence of the value of using this approach in complex and significant projects, particularly in a public sector environment. I have since converted my office to an Agile room where a wall is dedicated to stand-up meetings that held with all project members (once this included a tier 1 consultancy who were engaged on a high profile project!). By using Agiledirect, I've been able to add further value through coaching my senior line management and project team members."

Executive Director, QLD Government

"The most significant benefit of the Agile approach was to allow the organisational silos and factions to work cooperatively together to identify the project scope, goals and outcomes required for effective reform of the business. The agile approach also helped to build strong relationships between the diverse groups and generate a sense of ownership of the process and outcomes. Support from the Agiledirect coaches greatly assisted in this regard."

Executive Director, Resources organisation

"While challenging, I found the Agile concepts valuable to get the ball rolling on generating new ideas and it has proven to be a useful way of managing a consistently changing agenda and expectations of what will be delivered by when. The use of an Agile wall has meant that all priorities and tasks are in your face on a daily basis, which means they cannot be lost in the process and presents the opportunity for discussion and problem solving at the daily stand up. This has resulted in a building a stronger team and in addition, it has enabled us to be more adaptive and customer focused."

Senior Director, QLD Government

"Agile has helped provide greater flexibility in the design of work, with less bureaucracy, less paperwork, greater team buy in, faster speed in deliverables and a more robust decision making process by the appropriate level delegates. Using the Agile methodology tools means problems are identified quickly and solutions found so that work can continue. After being taken on a journey of change with limited extra resources (other than the Agiledirect team), we have been able to achieve so much in so little time that even our team's wonder how things got done so effectively. In one business area there has been a revelation that distributed responsibility can work and deliver better results."

Senior Executive Director, QLD Government

"Agiledirect has consistently delivered to me the required knowledge and expertise on a number of projects, ranging from restructuring through to strategic learning and development initiatives. Their consultants have the breadth and depth of experience which provides me the assurance that they will get the job done, no matter the challenge. Their style of client engagement and project management means that I am kept informed of progress and my team get to develop their capability along the way. The combination of capability and capacity to deliver within the required timeframes is a rare find."

Executive Manager, Financial Services organisation

"The team worked on a complex project for council at a time when the work group was experiencing performance difficulty. The Agiledirect team operated in a very structured and collaborative fashion which, throughout our project, worked well to bring the team together and feel less threatened. Their process was methodical and we have been left with tools at the end of the assignment which we can use with great effect to enhance the performance of the group. Overall I found the process and the consultants to be extremely invaluable to giving us a good scope on where the project needed to be at and were able to provide frank and fearless comment back, which was greatly appreciated."

Chief Executive Officer, Regional Council

Agile Benefits

Increased focus on delivering genuine business value

A rigorous focus on the customer or end user

Adaptive to change

Deliver products faster, with lower risk, lower costs and greater relevance

Empowered individuals working in cross functional teams

Increased engagement...and making work satisfying and fun


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