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Boost the efficiency of your business with Agiledirect.

Our distinction

The team members at Agiledirect are trusted delivery partners, known for their clear thinking, straight talking and provision of results. Moreover, our clients genuinely enjoy working with us as we help them consistently achieve outstanding results. Agiledirect is distinct in three major ways:

Attitude: We treat your business as if it is our own

We approach your business with an ‘owners eye’. We go out of our way to understand your operating environment, your market and your stakeholders. We want to know what you do well and what challenges you. We want to live and breathe your business. Your potential is our potential.

Approach: Obsessed with getting it right

We approach each situation with high passion and low bias. We collaboratively combine our expertise and experience with yours, to create insights and unveil what’s possible. Our objective, frank and fearless approach cuts the heart of the problem and makes the options clear. We offer honest feedback and provide actionable insights to effectively manage risk and leverage the opportunities.

Action: What we do matters

Action matters. Action causes results. Results (both good and bad) make success imminent. In order to turn your vision into reality, we work with your people – your executive, your shareholders, your end user …or all of the above. We make sense of the information overload and explore ways to achieve what you want. We test ideas with different stakeholders to determine what works.

Meet the team

Michael Derwin

Michael specialises in turning corporate strategy into business results. Having delivered a myriad of projects and project recoveries, Michael has amassed an impressive amount of experience in industries such as health, financial services, resources, transport, mining and government. Michael is a proven talent in strategy design, performance improvement, project management, organisational capability development and corporate governance.

Michael has spent the last few years working out all manner of ways to help organisations become more agile in their thinking and behavior. His particular passion is applying the agile way of work to business opportunities. These opportunities typically do NOT have an IT component.

He has his acquired his fair share of war stories and battle scars. A few examples where he has successfully applied the agile principles include: reinventing the capital investment management process of a large state health system (several billion), developing an accelerated approach for legislation design (reduced time lag between legislation design to tabling from 1-2 years to months), managing a major HR change program including major IR reform, develop agile portfolio management and investment management frameworks for several organisations (private, public, small and large organisations), developing / simplifying agile project management methodologies for dozens of organisations, helped organisations successfully avoided re-structures through approaching their work differently, conducted several health checks / maturity assessments and training / coaching hundreds of people in the agile principles and practices (ranging from CEO's and Director-Generals through to front-line admin assistants.)

Chris Milligan

Chris specialises in helping businesses align their operations to their broader vision and strategy. Chris’ consultancy experience ranges across a number industries including banking, resources and government where he is known for his pragmatic approach to getting things done. Chris developed his skills working on complex projects as well serving on the boards of several not-for-profit organisations. This experience has resulted in a broad and practical understanding of business operations at both an enterprise and front-line level.

As a small business owner, Chris is passionate about delivering on his client’s needs, is methodical in his approach and can maintain his resourcefulness under pressure. Chris helps clients of Agiledirect to engage the capability needed to achieve their business objectives.

Paul Eisenberg

Paul provides strategic advice to Program Sponsors and Business Owners on effective approaches to deliver tangible corporate agility. Based on 20 years experience in large and enterprise-sized business and technology firms, Paul has overseen and delivered major transformation projects in the energy, financial services, shared services, defence retail and education industries.

Paul maintains a focus on helping business leaders navigate complex organisational problems using advanced agile and lean approaches. His skills were finely tuned to work in business and technology functions after spending years under the tutelage of Australia’s most recognised Agile CIO.

Paul has spent the last few years working for a range of ASX50 firms on strategic projects running Program Offices, providing Agile Coaching services and delivering regulatory mandated projects. The range of business (non-IT) as well as IT projects Paul has applied these skills include: coaching a payroll business process outsourcing operation in agile delivery principles and techniques, directing a program of work of a major Australian HR department (Top 10 private employer) to deliver foundational firm-wide capability in human capital analytics, managed a strategic legal review to consolidate a firm's legal panel to enable more flexibility and scalability for the publicly listed client, adopted systems theory and design thinking to transform a major (> $1bn capital program) back office’s approach to Product Design, developed a customer based design approach to enable a facilities management division to embrace new design skills for the tenancy fit-out of a major Brisbane corporate campus (private sector firm), provided portfolio advice and governance for dozens of corporate and technology projects in a financial shared services firm, used lean approaches to transform a defence retail firm’s B2B business architecture, and transformed the approach to annual curriculum planning to reduce the 'day 1' readiness risks for a major university’s teaching spaces.