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What is Agile?

What does this ‘agile’ term mean? Is it a noun or a verb? Discover where it came from and what it means.

How does it work?

Being agile is as much about using principles as well as the practices. Check out our framework. It might change your professional life.


Why bother? There are a number of benefits that come from adopting an agile mindset and way of work.

Portfolio Management

Want to run your business with an agile philosophy? Find out how to scale the agile way of work to drive portfolio management, corporate governance and business as usual.

Agile Framework

There's no one-right-way to be agile. But here's a framework that provides a starting point for turning an idea into reality. Get started with Agile Initiative Management.


Got questions? Our agile Ninjas have put together the answers. But our word is not the final one. If you have any more questions or see things differently – then let us know.