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Evaluate your Agile skills, strengths and business opportunities

Culture and Values

1. Does the team have an agreed set of values for how they work together?

2. How well do you trust your team to get on with the project?

3. How do you know you if the project team is delivering benefits to the business?

4. How well does your sponsor (and other key stakeholders) engage with your project team?

5. What is the role of the Project Manager in your project team?

Agile Principles

6. How engaged is the core project team (e.g. Project Manager, Iteration Manager, Change / Comms Manager, Business Reps)?

7. How do the project team members develop their Agile capability?

8. What is the team's key focus while they are working on the project?

9. How do you manage the 'velocity' of the team?

10. How well do the project team members collaborate with each other and across the organisation?

Agile Practices

11. How flexible is the team when it comes to dealing with change?

12. How is the project governed to ensure it is set up for success?

13. How well does the team manage the risks, issues and opportunities that come up during the project?

14. How does the project team visualise information relevant to the project?

15. How does your team measure its success?

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